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We specialize in using The Fine Art of Applied Science to find creative and innovative solutions for our customers in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Information Security, Encryption and Specialty Engineering for Government, Military, and Commercial Systems.

Our Mission

We provide value to our clients by creatively applying our knowledge and understanding of multiple disciplines to each project. It isn't enough to have a firm grasp of technology alone, we believe that true mastery of material is in its creative application to solving problems. That is why we pride ourselves on bringing The Fine Art of Applied Science SM to everything we do and the customers we serve.

Company Profile

The Fine Art of Applied Science SM: We take that phrase seriously at Renaissance Engineering. We like to consider ourselves "Members of the Modern Renaissance". Our ability to synthesize solutions using diverse disciplines is one of our core strengths.

Insights on Who We Are from the President of Renaissance Engineering:

Once upon a time, one of my professors said "There are no more Renaissance Men."

I beg to differ. Make no mistake, Engineering is Applied Science and one of the most noble callings of an engineer is to apply science to make useful contributions to improve the human condition. However, it isn't enough any more to be a good technical engineer. To truly make useful contributions to society as a whole we need to at least grasp the social ramifications of our work. Just to get our jobs done in the corporate world we are called upon to be statespersons, leaders, teammates, philanthropists and philosophers. (And sometimes Magicians!) Doing this skillfully truly requires an artist.

Citing examples throughout history we see the likes of Einstein, Feynman, Edison, Galileo, and Da Vinci. They all had in common an understanding of many disciplines. None of them were merely "scientist", "artist" or "astronomer". Each had understanding of principles far beyond his respective claim to fame. Their genius is found in the fact that they brought the understanding of those principles with them when they went to the lab or drawing board. That is the difference in what we at Renaissance Engineering bring to the table when we apply ourselves to finding solutions for you. 

We truly are Renaissance Men.

- Darren Kressaty
President and CEO
Renaissance Engineering, LLC

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